PROJECT-ON allows to efficiently meet business needs in the area of publishing and sales promotion services (BTL, ATL).

Effective services and smooth end-to-end production of advertising materials helps the company achieve its marketing goals.

PROJECT-ON – go for quality!


  • individuals and businesses seeking publishing and advertising service provider
  • people responsible for publishing brochures and information materials
  • marketing specialists in charge of production of advertising materials, press releases, etc.


  • graphics creation, illustrations and selection of photographs
  • design of packaging and POS materials
  • typesetting, editing and preparing publication for print
  • optional calculations
  • production supervision and logistics
  • cooperation with specialist printers
  • cooperation with publishers, media plans, preparing and mailing press advertisements
  • non-standard projects (wood, glass, plastics)


 Project on is based on implementing specific solutions. Thus it is important for our Clients to have a detailed communication strategy in place. We offer assistance with development of such strategy via our BRAND&GO (brand strategy) and FORWARD CONCEPT (creative development) services – for more information please visit


  • getting to know the Client’s needs (brief)
  • graphics design, illustration creation and selection of photographs, composing and editing texts, DTP, specification of print or other production settings
  • Initial design with material specifications
  • finished product is delivered to required locations (company branches, distributors or directly to customers)
  • PROJECT-ON can be summarized by 15 years of our team’s experience in the area of advertising production. We have completed numerous projects such as: production of promotion materials, typesetting and printing of file segregators, file holders, catalogues, folders and business cards, publishing of company brochures, designs and production of packaging, information boards, stands, displays, non-standard elements made of wood and metal and other materials.


  • lwe love what we do
  • we have many years of experience
  • we employ qualified staff (i.e.: marketing specialists, graphics specialists, designers, DTP operators, animators, production experts)
  • we are a one stop shop
  • we offer fast and effective turnaround always focusing on convenience for our Clients