Who we support

We actively support many various events, especially when it comes to the young and talented.

Here you’ll find some of the examples:

Marek Kamiński Foundation

In 2012 we established cooperation with Marek Kamiński Foundation (the famous polar explorer). Mr. Kamiński is known for helping others to overcome their barriers and to explore their own inner poles. This help is based on strong values and we feel that these are values close to our hearts. We support Marek and he inspires us in searching innovative ways of working and in reaching our goals.

The Santa Claus Foundation’s Education Fund

In 2010-2012 we ran some e-card campaign to support the Education Fund. We share the campaign’s message and good energy with both our clients and friends.

Polihymnia Choir

We’ve designed the image of the Poznań Polihymnia Choir, conducted by Mr. Tomasz Dzięcioł


The Great Recitals at the Adam Mickiewicz University Hall

The following concerts were held under Horsefield’s patronage:

26 February 2007 – Kevin Kenner
23 May 2006 – Łukasz Kuropaczewski
30 November 205 – Rafał Blechacz

International Horse Show

For 5 years we provided publishing support for the Central European League Final of FEI World Cup Series (now – Cavaliada)

Berolina Trio

In 2010, we created visual identity and developed the website for Berolina Trio


Koszuty Children’s Music Festivals

We’ve been supporting the festival organization for 13 years. We witnessed more than 1000 performances by young artists!

Lokomotywownia (The Loco Depot) – we provide momentum!

Supporting young creators, Lokomotywownia is their starting point, a place where they can show their work to public and to gain some recognition.

For more than a decade, Lokomotywownia has been supporting various Children’s Music Festivals (held in Koszuty, Chudobczyce and Szamotuły). Thousands of young musicians have been awarded with a character diploma with the cat’s motif. We have been engaged in the project as a natural continuation of our long-term cooperation with Towarzystwo Użytkowników Obiektów Zabytkowych (The Historic Buildings Association) and music schools of Poznań.