If you expect results in creating image and brand strategy.

BRAND & GO – workshops

It’s an active form of co-creating new value for clients, developed for everybody who expects that creating new brand or rebranding the old one will provide him an INNOVATIVE and EFFICIENT SALES or COMMUNICATION TOOL.

A single workshop session duration is 3 to 5 hours. Separate modules may later be expanded during individual consulting sessions. As a part of the workshops evaluation, we offer our execution services: FORWARD CONCEPT, PROJECT-ON and INTERMEDIA.

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BRAND & GO – the method for the good brand

BRAND&GO is a proven method for building strong, value-based brands. Its aim is to create a solid and long-lasting relationship between the product, service or company and the customers.

BRAND&GO – Ideas that unite™

Who can benefit from the method?

  • innovative companies seeking new market opportunities (inspiration, design)

  • companies introducing new brands of products or services (brand design, branding, branding strategy)

  • companies undergoing restructuring (rebranding)

  • companies seeking support in creation of new products or services (design)

  • professionals responsible for marketing communication

  • brand managers (branding)

  • brand projects managers (HR, CRM, Web)

What’s included in the method?

  • establishing the brand identity
  • creating the brand architecture

  • naming and renaming (creating the name)

  • slogan and claim creation

  • psychographic positioning and analysis

  • determining the USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

  • designing the logo

  • key-visual creation

  • developing the visual identity

  • developing the corporate identity manual

  • long-term branding strategy guidelines

How does it work?

We base the BRAND&GO method on our own BREAKthrough model which allow us to create new values while breaking stereotypes at the same time.

Briefing – a panel with the client, based on an in-depth interview or analysis of the client’s brief

Rebriefing – a detailed interview resulting in debriefing

Expertise – works carried out by experts and a creative group

Architecture – creating the identity and architecture of a brand

Key concept creation – this results in finished creative concepts (names, logos, other projects), followed by choosing the best one to suit the project’s goals.

Our work is based on over 15 years of multi branch experience of working with companies that introduce new brands and products. We support the client’s needs analysis with our expert knowledge of strategic management, marketing and business psychology.

Our projects combine the experience with the design team competences.

We know that it’s the perception that really matters, therefore when working on any brand, we tend to move to the graphic design phase as soon as we can. It is only possible because we have all essential resources in one place.

Why cooperate with us?

  • we do like our work

  • we have many years’ experience

  • we have our own creative and production resources

  • everything is created in one place

  • we can easily extend the method with our comprehensive PROJECT-ON production service

contact: Mikołaj Bleja tel.: 602 215 287