Horsefield is the place for creative meetings where we can inspire each other.


This is where we carry out our mission:

We support development of brands and people. We focus on design and execution of marketing communication that enhance the brand’s value.

Horsefield – empowering brandsTM

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, in warm and friendly atmosphere – that’s how we work with our clients, developing all the bold ideas we may come with.

Our modern, purpose-built office building houses graphics, creation, web-design, photography and video studios. These allow us to provide top-level service and comprehensive execution of a communication strategy.

We meet our Clients in our Good Ideas Club where we draw up strategies. In the Club you could browse some trade magazines and books, grab a cup of coffee and – what’s most important – share the ideas and experience.

We’d welcome anyone who cares for his company’s development.

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